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Toddler Program

A toddler class begins the educational process during the ages of 18 months to 3 years. Our toddler ratio is 1:6 for children aged 18 months to 3 years old. We often have enough coverage to be closer to a 1:7 ratio for the most part of the day.

Many of the activities in the toddler program highlight the self-help skills that lead to independence, which is a focus that is not all that common in traditional daycares and child care centers.

In our Montessori child care facility, there is a large Practical Life area in the toddler room, where children practice motor control while they acquire the sense of order and concentration to perform everyday tasks that help them achieve one of the greatest goals for toddlers: Independence! Children are expected to hang up their own coats, put away their shoes and to problem-solve rather than say “I can’t.”

Simple sensorial activities in the classroom respond to the toddlers’ urge to use all of their senses to explore everything around them. The toddler program also appropriately accommodates the very young child’s sensitive period for language, math and social sciences by offering creative and intriguing concepts to expand their growing need to learn and explore.

There is freedom of choice within a structured environment. This freedom is crucial to the toddler program. However, it is always tempered by two important limits that will be beneficial for a lifetime – respect for others and respect for the environment. Since this is an age of very strong imitation, the teachers constantly model appropriate social skills, good manners, and consideration for others. To help smooth their initial social interactions, the toddlers also learn to use words for the feelings they experience in themselves and others.

The toddler day includes independent and small group activities that develop gross and fine motor skills, cognitive, social, and language skills. Art, music, yoga, and free play round out their busy day. And, since children in this age group love to be "on the go," ample opportunity is provided to explore the outdoor environment, engage in water activities, or just run outside for a part of every day.

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