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Our experience with Montessori has been nothing short of incredible. From all of the amazing staff, to the growth of our son, academically, creatively and personally. Thank you for making this such a magical place for our son to grow and learn. We are eternally grateful. We will miss you all and wish you all the very best!– The Fosters, Montessori West Maple

Tonight, it finally dawned on me that Lennon is only 2 days away from finishing his time at the Montessori Children's House. I'm struck with a combination of sadness and pride – but primarily incredible gratitude for the incredible care and instruction my children have received there over the last four years. Every single day I dropped my children off there, I knew they were welcomed into a loving and supportive educational environment where they would be safe, loved, treated as individuals and challenged to be their best; that means more than I could ever express. I consider the expense of the last four years the greatest investment we'll likely ever make.

From the first day we dropped Olivia off at Montessori Children's Village and Lennon at the Infant House, our children have been treated with kindness, respect and love. In return, they've absolutely flourished. I'm amazed at what they can do and the wide range of interests they've developed. Our children are inquisitive, confident, strong, sweet, silly, generous, kind, independent and worldly people – I'd like to take some credit for it, but it belongs with all of you.

I've often heard it mentioned that each person will only meet a few really wonderful teachers in their lives. Every teacher to come has the bar set really high for them. You are wonderful, gifted and giving people and we love you all!

There will be a lot of tears shed on Friday – I only hope Lennon and Olivia can console Julie & I. Our family is eternally grateful for all you've done for us!

– Tim Kiefer, Montessori Children's House

The second week our daughter was at House of Montessori, my husband called me after dropping her off in the morning and said, "It feels so great to leave her there knowing she is in such good hands." We feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of Montessori and for them to be a part of our daughter's life.– Emily and Craig Moody

Ms Donna and Ms Meghan are fantastic teachers. I feel so fortunate that Louise got them for 3 years, and it's sad to see that chapter end for her. They are a living legend! Their years of experience working together as a team simply cannot be surpassed. I only hope that Paul and John will also get their three years with them as well. To me, they are the bedrock of your organization.

Also, as a nursing mom, I have spent a lot of time as a fly on the wall in Ms Patience' s classroom during working hours. Her level of respect and professionalism with her staff is remarkable. I can't think of a single thing she could possibly do better. In turn, Macy, Shannon, Danielle and Phineice are all amazing gals and work so well together as a team. Always helping each other out and are in such good moods caring for all of the babies. It's really a pleasure to stop in every day to feed Paul and see how everyone is doing. What a fantastic team.

We have also felt very fortunate to have Ms Sarah in the toddler room. She did such a fabulous job juggling her staff problems and holding her classes together through so much staff changes. We hope Paul will be so lucky as to transition into her classroom at 18 months.

It's been a great year and I'll look forward to our return in August!

– Jackie

As parents who both work full-time, the time with our twins is limited on weekdays. We truly believe that their involvement in Montessori, with the instruction of Lead Teacher Miss Lindsay (Toddler Classroom), has made our time together that much better. They are able to better communicate and enjoy their experiences – whether that is “finding work” at home, meals, and other activities. Miss Lindsay has created an environment in her classroom where our children feel safe and enjoy learning. We couldn’t ask for more.– Paula Renner, Montessori West Maple

I've been amazed at what our boys have learned while at the Children's House. They've learned how to read, add and subtract, and can identify every state on the U.S. map! More importantly, they've learned how to be independent self-starters and understand what it means to take responsibility for their own actions. We love the education that our boys have received while at Montessori, and we love the teachers there as well - they are all so patient and kind. It's obvious that the teachers truly care about their students and enjoy the work they do.– Ali Maloy, Montessori Children's House

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