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I absolutely LOVE being a part of the MEC family.  We have an incredible hands-on leader who supports and empowers us to positively impact others (children, families, coworkers, greater community) daily.  I work with some of the best educators who truly provide quality educational opportunities each day.  Our teaching staff amaze me!  The high quality materials are incredible!   And, it seems like new items are added ALL THE TIME.  The team works hard to recruit and enroll proactive parents who value early education and work to partner with us.  – Amy Ekeler, Montessori Toddler Village

Hi Montessori Family, my name is Sarah Arrieta and I am a former Montessori student. Many years ago, I attended Montessori Duchesne (which is now closed) and the House of Montessori. I have lots of great memories of Montessori, such as tracing the sandpaper letters, line time with my teacher Miss Suzy (my cool teacher played the guitar), dressing up with Miss Linda, and learning how to use chopsticks on International day. That’s why when I found out that the House of Montessori was still educating children I knew I would send my children there. The staff at the House of Montessori are excellent! We love Miss Amanda, Miss Jordan, and all our other friends there. My kids have learned so much from them and they always keep me very informed and involved. Thanks to the House of Montessori for doing such a wonderful job!– Sarah Arrieta, House of Montessori
Sara Arrieta and Charlie at House of Montessori

I was skeptical about Montessori at first because I had heard it was 'unstructured', but my husband grew up with it so I agreed to try it. I have been so happy with our decision. Our daughter has absolutely thrived there. It is not unstructured at all, it is designed to understand and meet the needs of each individual child. It doesn't tailor the child's learning to their age, but rather their individual interests and abilities. It is amazing what a child can learn when you don't assume they can't! Our daughter is happy from the time we drop her off to the time we pick her up, and she always comes home having learned something new. The teachers are energetic, caring and dedicated. I would highly recommend this to any parent who wants their child to love to learn.– Laurie, Montessori Children's House

Our son is in Miss Amanda's room at the House of Montessori. Miss Amanda is an excellent educator and care giver. She has a great staff and makes the room very cohesive for all of the children. I think the thing we appreciate most is Amanda's sensitivity to the fact there are children of varying faiths and cultural backgrounds. She makes every child feel welcome and validated. Kudos to the inclusive nature of the program!– Toba Cohen-Dunning and Eric Dunning

I would like to drop a note to let you know how pleased I am with the teachers in Miss Desiree Hyland’s room. The love and support they extend to Ruby is beyond my expectations. I always appreciate the peace of mind that I feel when I drop Ruby off in the morning and they are there with open arms to welcome her each and every day. In addition, the after school hour teachers have also done a wonderful job to keep Ruby safe and happy. Our 3 kids have been attending Montessori since 2007 so our family has a vast, positive experience with the teachers across the infant, toddler and primary rooms. In addition, the early educational experience has been beyond measure. All of our children end up reading at a very proficient level and are extremely independent workers by the time they leave Montessori. Thank you for making our experience such a beneficial one for our family.– Amy Morris, Montessori Children's House

Julianna has thrived in her Montessori classroom! She is celebrated for who she is while being challenged to become the very best version of herself. She is respected as a young person who is bright, focused, intelligent, charismatic, and has a love of learning. The wealth of knowledge and deep understanding that she has gained through her Montessori preschool experience has spanned from the foundations of reading and mathematics, to knowing the continents and countries of the world. Her teachers have created a learning community that is challenging, yet, yet serious.....structured, yet flexible. She has more than enjoyed her Montessori experience, and we will forever credit Montessori for giving her such a strong academic foundation.– Amie Gamboian, Montessori West Maple

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