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Our Spectacular Teaching Team

Montessori Infant House  
Cassandra Kreifels Principal
Montessori Child's World  
Jackie Swoboda Principal
Shay Banse Teacher
Maycee Carroll Teacher
Teri Edwards Teacher
Shelley Gilmore Teacher
Montessori Toddler's Village  
Gladys Roybal Principal
Sarah Thayer Teacher
House of Montessori  
Amanda Palmer Principal
Jeannie Moore Teacher
Jordan Steger Teacher
Lindsey Theisen Teacher
Montessori West Maple  
Susan Gray Principal
Zachary Borchardt Teacher
Lindsay Harkness Teacher
Veronica Herrera Teacher
Kelley Roberts Teacher
Bethany Ziegler Teacher
Montessori Children's House  
Donna Martin Principal
Molly Swoboda Teacher
Desiree Hyland Teacher
Montessori Elementary School of Omaha  
Lindsey Werner Principal
Danette Baker Teacher
Caitlin Shoemaker Teacher
The Curious Child Montessori PreSchool - LaVista  
Lori Butcher Principal
Amy Gapp Teacher
Karlyn Svoboda Teacher
Stacy Garcia Teacher
Catherine O Meara Teacher
The Curious Child Montessori PreSchool - Gretna  
Courtnay VanDeVelde Principal
Michele Shannon-Mead  Teacher
Alice Speed Teacher

Looking for something beyond a traditional daycare, nursery, preschool, elementary school, or child care center? Our Montessori education experience can be just that. What’s key to our exploration-based Montessori approach is our committed and passionate team of teachers. Functioning as guides, mentors, and facilitators, our teachers monitor progress, adjust accordingly, and encourage children to seek out new experiences and commit to a life of learning.
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