5 Reasons Why We Chose Montessori

5 Reasons Why We Chose MontessoriSeptember 18, 2017Article By: ourmontessorihome.com, September 7, 2012Our Montessori Home posted this article on September 7, 2012 which explains why their family chose the Montessori Method.

Some people may wonder out of all the educational philosophies, why did our family choose to pursue the Montessori method? After being in a Montessori environment (at school and home) and studying the method for nearly 7 years, I still have a hard time articulating our reasons. I tend to stumble over my words and end up saying something like, “You just have to see it” or “It just makes sense.”

I think you really do have to see the Montessori method in action to see the benefit. There are so many facets and real-life benefits outside the classroom that are hard to explain in 1 to 2 sentences. But, if I had to explain why a 100+ year old philosophy is still current and works even amid changing culture, this is what I’d say.

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